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Myth and Memoir: An In Person Writing Workshop with Samhita Arni | 2 March, 10 AM to 1 PM


Join us for a writing workshop on Myth and Memoir with Samhita Arni! This workshop is for people curious about exploring the connection between the personal and universal. In this workshop we will examine the ways to infuse our lives, memories and family histories with the power of myth, understanding the mythic patterns and cadences that underlie both myth and in our individual experience.  

We will use this workshop to harness this understanding to shape memoir into writing that has universal resonance, and understand how shaping our stories in this way allows our personal truth to embody, speak and relate to collective experiences. We will understand how artists and writers across time, have infused their own personal stories with the power of myth to challenge, question, provoke and subvert social norms and the status quo, creating epiphanies and cathartic experiences of liberation. 

This workshop is meant for both those with a strong interest in mythology, as well as those who are curious to learn how to harness the timeless, enduring power of myth in their own work and storytelling. 

People of all levels of experience are welcome to apply, and the workshop is for adults of 16+/

Samhita Arni is the author of four books, including The Mahabharata A Child's view, the NYT bestseller and graphic novel Sita's Ramayana, as well as the Missing Queen. She is the winner of the Neev book award 2020 for her novel The Prince, and has lived and worked in Afghanistan. She is a consultant, trained psychotherapist and an educator.

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