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Born A Crime
Latitudes Of Longing
Tara Art Prints: Sun And Moon
Spotted Goddesses: Dalit Women's Agency-Narratives on Caste and Gender Violence
Multiple City: Writings on Bangalore
Postcard Envelope - Daak
A Stake in the Nation: Selected Speeches
A History Of Islam In 21 Women
The Housekeeper and the Professor
Coming Home
A Grief To Bury
The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse
A Confusion Of Princes
2010 Odyssey 2
Fiction — Fantasy & Magic Realism
A Spoke In The Wheel
The Haunting of Hill House
A Passage To India
2010 Odyssey 2
A Faceless Evening And Other Stories
A Fistful Of Earth And Other Stories
A Guide For Gentlemen Chefs
Gift Box — Poetry for the Soul
Coming Out, Again: Transition Stories
A Case Of Exploding Mangoes
Oryx And Crake
A Life in Transactivism
A Word With You, World: The Autobiography Of A Poet
Alien Thinking: How To Bring Your Breakthrough Ideas To Life
Tamarind City: Where Modern India Began
10 Indian Champions Who are Fighting to Save the Planet
A Wishful Goody Bag
Hollywood Wants To Kill You
Begum Akhtar: Love's Own Voice
Legacy Keepers: Celebrating India's Art Forms
Ways of Seeing
Apocalypse How?: Technology And The Threat Of Disaster
A View From The Outside
A Room Of One's Own
A New Idea of India: Individual Rights in a Civilisational State
13 Years: A Naxalite's Prison Diary
Sebastian and Sons
A Naturalist’s Guide to the Mammals of India
A Thousand Plateaus
13 Years: A Naxalite's Prison Diary
A History Of Islam In 21 Women
Alternative Futures: India Unshackled
281 And Beyond
Digital Minimalism
A Short History of London
A Second Sunrise
A Princess's Pilgrimage
A Girl Swallowed By A Tree: Lotha Naga Tales Retold
Brown Boy
Against Feudalism
Beef, Brahmins And Broken Men
A Day In The Life Of Mangal Taram
Suki's Magic Box
Book Of Prayers For The Nonbeliever
Flexing Muscles
A Gift For A Ghost
8 Ways to Draw an Elephant
Bhima Koregaon: Our War Cry!
A Compound Of Words
A Life in Transactivism
Coming Out, Again: Transition Stories
Reading For Change
Black Cats and Evil Eyes
A Case Of Exploding Mangoes
Conversations with Friends
The Water Dancer
The Havoc of Choice
My Father's Garden
A Cat Purrs Card
100 Iconic Postcards
The Visitor
Trick Mirror
Gift Box — Africa: A Small Glimpse
Going Gray