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The Champaca Children’s Library


Our children’s library features a range of board books, picture books, and chapter books, and our collection is always growing. We curate a diverse selection of books and include diverse perspectives, especially with a focus on India, wildlife, queer narratives and underrepresented parts of the world. 

We host children’s events, read-alouds, and workshops that encourage and nurture a love of reading.

Our library is open for subscription for children up to the age of 12.

We encourage children to come to the library, to experience the library space, browse and personally select the books that they would like to borrow.

At the moment, Champaca does not have the facility of home delivery or pick-up of library books.

Registrations can happen at the store, or online. Email to register online.

Details, rules and registrations

Here are some things we’d like you to know when you sign up to be a part of our library community!

  • We have a minimum 6-month sign-up period.
  • We charge a one-time registration fee of Rs. 500. This is not applicable for existing members. 
  • If you register online, your membership begins from the date you first borrow a book, not the date of payment.
  • We charge late fees of 5 rupees per day, for all books borrowed collectively.
  • If your membership expires and you still have borrowed books, your renewed membership period will begin from your expiry date, and not the date of renewal.
  • In case of damage, fines will be levied depending on the damage. 
  • Please write in to if you are unable to make it in time to return your books - we are happy to renew them once for another four weeks, depending on your membership plan!