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Children's Event with Ashwin Prabhu: Hands on session on "Sculpted Stones -Mysteries of Mamallapuram" | 13 April 11:30 AM


Join us on 13 April at 11:30 for a hands-on session with Ashwin Prabhu on his new book, "Sculpted Stones - Mysteries of Mamallapuram". 
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Thanks to formulaic ways of teaching, children often mistake history to be nothing but a bundle of facts - years, names, dynasties and battles. Some children who have a flair for memory respond well to this approach, while most others are quite put off by the singular focus on 'knowledge'. In similar fashion, art in school is usually treated as something meant for those who are able to master a particular technique - again ending up being only for the 'talented' few.
What if there is a way to introduce children to history and art through a process of learning which uses first-hand observation, description and even a little imagination! What if this means that children can be freed from the fear of being wrong!
In a hands-on session, using his book "Sculpted Stones - Mysteries of Mamallapuram", Ashwin will work with children on a set of exercises which exposes them to this exciting new way of engaging with historical art. Expect stunning visuals projected onto a screen, a few simple worksheets, and lots of dialogue to deepen learning.

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