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Why Cook — A Conversation With Archana Pidathala And Revati Upadhya

Join us on Sunday, October 30th, for a conversation with Archana Pidathala and Revati Upadhya on food, cooking, identity, women, and culture! Cookies and coffee will be served at the event. 

The event will take place at Champaca, from 11:30 AM onwards.

Please RSVP here: you can choose to RSVP for free, or purchase a copy of the book, and it'll be ready for you to pick it up when you come for the event!

Open to Bangalore only. These books will not be shipped. 

About the book:

Why Cook brings together inspiring women — artists, creators, entrepreneurs, musicians, writers and farmers — and explores why they cook and how cooking and food anchor them in their life journeys. There are stories of hope and generosity, of courage and resilience, interwoven with lessons for cooking and eating, and deeply personal recipes. In the kitchens of Why Cook, you will explore questions of identity and the self, meet custodians of seed, soil and water, get a taste of the forest and the sea, find ways to navigate loneliness and grief, revel in the scent of fresh earth and woodsmoke, and above all cherish everyday moments and meals.

The cookbook features 90 heirloom recipes, from the southern Indian region of Rayalaseema to the western coastal plains to the snow-capped Himalayas. These recipes celebrate the genius of home cooks and are shaped by tradition — by combining flavours in ways that have been done repeatedly for generations. Over half of the recipes are vegan, and more than eighty percent are vegetarian, and all the dishes are guaranteed to bring cheer and warmth to your table.


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