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cathARTic — An Art Therapy Workshop

“CathARTic,” promotes expressive Arts Based Therapy, via various forms of art, such as Zentangle, scrapbooking, etc. Sign up here.

Arts Based Therapy is a simple and fun way to explore and express your subconscious. It offers an opportunity to experience insights into yourself, which can otherwise be a challenge to discover. 

Its simplicity lies in the fact that one does not need to have any artistic skills to experience it and ANYONE, young or old, can try their hand at it!

Every workshop by "cathARTic" endeavours to include the learning of one simplistic art form to facilitate and add flavour to the art therapy activity.

This Independence Day weekend, make the time to create your own masterpiece titled FREEDOM, via the poem "Where the mind is without fear" by Rabindranath Tagore.

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Create your own poem out of an existing poem:

Yes! You could be a poet too!

You will be encouraged to find your personal meaning within the chosen poem, and create a new poem for yourself.

Introduction to the art of Zentangle: 

If you have not been introduced to this profound art form, this a great opportunity to do so! Use it to create your very own masterpiece with a blend of poetry with art.

Find Freedom, from your fears: 

Young or old we all carry fears, in one form or the other.

As part of the Art Therapy activity, you will have an opportunity to look at your fears in a new light. 

Facilitated by Amrita Gvalani.

Materials required:

Micron tip black pen
Coloring tools (optional)
Printed copy or copies of the poem "Where the mind is without fear"
Plain A4 sheets  

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