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A narration of Paro of the Sundarbans! | 17 September 2023

Join us on Sunday, 17 September, 11 AM for a narration of Paro of the Sunderbans by Vaishnavi Giri, a writer and an artist known for her captivating depictions of nature for children. The narration will be followed by a fun drawing activity! Please RSVP here — you can choose to RSVP for free, or purchase a signed copy of the book along with the free RSVP. 

Open to Bangalore only. 

About the book:

In the vast mangroves of the Sundarbans, Paro the little mudskipper is lost. Who will guide her home to the marshlands? Will it be the busy silver rhesus macaques, the scheming chequered keel back snake, the sinister terrapin, or the fierce and majestic tiger?

Explore the mangroves as Paro finds her way home in this delightful story by Vaishnavi Giri and watch the Sundarbans leap to life through the vivid watercolours of award winning artist, Pallavi Jain.

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