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A dramatic reading with Anshuman Sathe | 24 September 2023

Champaca is excited to welcome you to a dramatic reading of The Many Colours of Anshu for children, by the author Anshumaan Sathe! Join us on Sunday, 24 September, 11 AM. Please RSVP here — you can choose to RSVP for free, or purchase a signed copy of the book along with the free RSVP. 

Open to Bangalore only. 

About the book:

Meet Anshu, a spunky seven-year old on a very important mission - to make a terribly dull, blue day exciting! Anshu sets off to explore the house with his Aai and finds a treasure box full of possibilities. His day becomes even more exciting as he spots Golawala Umar Kaka! The simple task of Anshu choosing a flavour of gola turns into a colourful journey of gender play. Is he a boy? is he a girl? What else could he be?What does he want to be? 

Magical, endearing and unforgettable, The Many Colours of Anshu is a gorgeous expression of individuality and testament to the power of play.

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