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Queers Queens Oddballs | 24, November, 2023


Champaca is delighted to welcome you to an evening with Amruta Patil, Indian Graphic novelist and painter where she will speak about her body of work. She will be in conversation with Vijeta Kumar. The event will be held on 24, November 2023 at 6:00 PM! Please RSVP here.

Open to Bangalore only. 

Some of her works:


They were inseparable - until the day they jumped. Ruth, saved by safety nets, leaves the city. Kari, saved by a sewer, crawls back into the fray of living. With Angel, Lazarus, and the girls of Crystal Palace forming the chorus to her song, she explores the dark heart of smog city - loneliness, sewers, sleeper success, death - and the memory of her absentee Other. Sensuously illustrated and livened by wry commentaries on life and love, Kari gives a new voice to graphic fiction in India.


Aranyaka is about the great forests within us, and without. Braiding Vedic philosophy with the story of three spirited seekers, it explores the fears and hungers that underpin all human interactions.

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