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Seagull Week: Book Launch of Chitvan Gill's 'Dreaming a Paradise: The Story of Buland Masjid' with Sushmita Pati | 28 June, 6 PM

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The second event of our Seagull week is a book launch and discussion of Chitvan Gill's 'Dreaming a Paradise: The Story of Buland Masjid' with Sushmita Pati.
About the book:
In Dreaming a Paradise, Chitvan Gill draws on years of research and photographic reportage to unveil the tales of individuals driven to escape poverty, violence, and despair in search of happiness and a place to call home. At the heart of this book lies Buland Masjid, an unauthorized colony on the Yamuna riverbank in Delhi, India, which thrives with restless industry even under the unyielding grip of poverty. The women and men of this colony recycle scrap, repair machines, manufacture clothes, run schools, and sell delicious food, breathing new energy into a once-desolate economy. However, beneath the surface lies a tale of urban planning gone awry, reflecting the comprehensive failure of those in power. Delving into the lives of those cast aside and walled off from India’s vast wealth, this book highlights the huge divide between modern India’s haves and have-nots, and the inherent contradictions in a nation grappling with its identity.
From the eternal cycles of loss and discovery, we witness the formation of civilizations and the timeless yearning that defines the human condition.
The details of the events are as follows:
Date- 28 June
Time- 5 PM
Venue- Champaca Bookstore
Here is the RSVP link. 
You can drop by at our store between 21 June - 29 June to browse through a special curation of Seagull books that include their latest launches.

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