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Book Launch – In Conversation with Gautam Bhatia about The Wall

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On the 12th of November, at 7pm, we'll be talking to author Gautam Bhatia about his debut speculative fiction novel, The Wall. Get your copy of the book, and RSVP for the event.

The city of Sumer is a world without a horizon, bound by a wall that encloses it entirely. The novel follows Mithila and her friends, as they search for meaning: who built the Wall? Why does it exist? And can they imagine a world without it?

Gautam Bhatia is a science fiction writer, reviewer, and editor with the award-winning Strange Horizons magazine. The Wall is his debut novel, and the first book in a duology. He would like you to know that his day job in a black gown and a band has as much place in The Wall as a Kindle in a bookshop: that is, none at all.

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