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Power of Make-Believe: Parenting through Pretend Play

Power of Make-Believe: Parenting through Pretend Play

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Parents today have many pre-determined aspirations for their children. What will my children become when they grow up? How can I manage their growth in the best possible way? This is what most parents ask themselves as they embark on a search for the best nursery, the ideal school, afternoon tuitions, daily extra-curricular activities, right up to scrutinizing college brochures. Shouger Merchant Doshi urges parents to ask a different more valuable question instead: What kind of life-skills can I inculcate during my child's early development that will assist them in whatever they may choose to do in life?

She stresses on the need to opt out of the parenting rat race and busts a lot of myths around 'perfect' parenting and motherhood. She urges parents to motivate their children to carry purposeful conversations, to be confident, eloquent and have an impressive vocabulary, so they are able to better express themselves and their curiosity about the world around them-and in doing so, find who they are and what they want to be. In this book, she proposes doing away with rigid learning techniques and impart educational concepts through creative pretend play activities, and to utilize the time you have with your child in a constructive yet fun way. With over sixty DIY activities and imaginative games using simple objects, Merchant-Doshi offers superb educational entertainment; a way to foster your child's development while having heaps of fun!

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