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Karmachari: Short Stories About Ordinary People

Karmachari: Short Stories About Ordinary People

  • Author: V. P. Kale, Vikrant Pande
  • Publisher: Harper Perennial
  • ISBN: 9789352776207
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You who stand in a queue, who try to board a running local, who tolerate your boss's snide remarks and the trials and tribulations of marital life - you still manage to discuss politics with enthusiasm, to finish a game of cards, to laugh and to make others laugh ... You are a true karmachari. A collection of unforgettable short stories about ordinary people, Karmachari is a mirror held up to society. Set in suburban Mumbai of the 1970s, yet universal, it is peopled by characters we might meet in real life. They come alive under V.P. Kale's sharp but compassionate gaze, and prod us gently towards a world of greater kindness and understanding.

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