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The Rise And Fall Of The Emerald Tigers

The Rise And Fall Of The Emerald Tigers

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In this seminal book about the Indian tiger, Raghu Chundawat, a renowned conservation biologist, shares his findings from the only long-term ecological research project on tigers undertaken in India to date. Chundawat closely studied the Panna tigers and their prey, from 1996-2006 - meticulously recording their space use, movements, feeding and reproductive behaviours - in the dry tropical forests of Madhya Pradesh. With support from the national park management, he oversaw a spectacular revival of Panna's tiger population. However, by 2002-03, the fortunes of Panna's tigers and Chundawat's research, nosedived when the park management changed. Monitoring privileges and access to the park were curtailed and subsequently, poaching and poisoning of tigers spiked. When Chundawat blew the whistle on the alarming decline, he faces immense backlash from the state wildlife authorities. Despite the systematic opposition, Chundawat continued to fight to save Panna's tigers, collecting data and petitioning the government to intervene.

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