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The Mahabharata: Dronacharya And His Disciples

The Mahabharata: Dronacharya And His Disciples

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The Mahabharata is one of the oldest and greatest epics of the world, comprising several stories and characters, adventures and battles, gods, demons, kings and queens, woven into a complex tapestry. This series of ten short books especially designed for young children takes up a skein, unravels it with dexterous simplicity, bringing to the child a glimpse of mythology without losing any of its magic and power. Brightly illustrated, these slim books of sixty eight pages each will be a delight even to a child who is too young to read by herself, awakening her interest and encouraging her to try. Each book is complete in itself so far as it revolves around a particular event or a story, and focuses on values that last a lifetime.

In the fourth book in the series, Management Lessons from the Masters, Agarwal analyzes various moves and decisions made by Premji before he became the face of corporate philanthropy. He shares an insight into the vision and principles of a man who started his entrepreneurial journey with a small vegetable oil company at the young age of 21 and went on to build Wipro, one of India’s leading IT organizations.

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