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The Everyday Eco-Warrior: 110 Easy Tips For A Zero-Waste Life

The Everyday Eco-Warrior: 110 Easy Tips For A Zero-Waste Life

  • Author: Shubhashree, Srini Swaminathan
  • Publisher: Hachette
  • ISBN: 9789391028534
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Myth: Products marked 'recyclable' and 'biodegradable' are eco-friendly.

Truth: More often than not, these labels are stuck to deceive customers. Most of these products are unlikely to ever fully decompose and might degrade only after several hundred years!

We have all come across sustainability practices and tips that are unsustainable in themselves. But these 110 super-easy guidelines from zero-waste practitioners Srini and Shubhashree will simplify and demystify your 'going green' journey, and more importantly, actually help you make a difference. And, the best part is, you don't need to follow everything to the T! There is no one correct way to live sustainably. Going zero-waste is the need of the hour and cultivating some of these earth-happy habits in The Everyday Eco-Warrior will not only help the planet but will also be pocket-friendly in the long run!

So, pick the ones that are most feasible for your lifestyle, sprinkle them with some commitment, and you're all set to become an eco-warrior!

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