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The Chronicle

The Chronicle

  • Author: Intizar Husain, Matt Reeck
  • Publisher: Viking
  • ISBN: 9780670093502
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In The Chronicle, Ikhlaq arrives in Pakistan to move residences several times before he, his mother and his wife decide to build a house. Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous years of Zia ul-Haq s rule, the building of Ikhlaq s house introduces the reader to an irreverent, dramatic chain of events, interspersed closely with Ikhlaq s reading of the tazkirah a precious, enduring family history written by Ikhlaq s ancestors which he brings to Pakistan. Moving, larger than life and darkly comedic, The Chronicle is an abiding tale of Ikhlaq s ever-changing life and the document which contains his family s long history going back to Persia, which inspires him to begin to write a contemporary chapter of his own.

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