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Salt of the Earth: The Story of Tata Chemicals

Salt of the Earth: The Story of Tata Chemicals

  • Author: Philip Chacko, Christabelle Noronha
  • Publisher: Westland
  • ISBN: 9789384030759
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From its birth in a hostile setting, through the struggles that have defined its existence to the success it has secured in the face of formidable odds, the history of Tata Chemicals is rich in incident and endevour, sacrifice and fortitude. This intimate and illuminating chronicle of a singularly resilient enterprise narrates that history and the gallant efforts of the people who shaped it. Salt of the Earth tells the story of how Tata Chemicals emerged from the toil and despair of its early years to reach and breach new frontiers in its chosen industry and then beyond - in the manufacturing of soda ash and other alkalis, in the producton of fertilisers and by creating a trusted food brand.

This is also the story of a company that has progressed and prospered by staying true to the legacy of its founders and the traditions and tenets of the Tata group and by committing itself to the cause of the communities in which it with a substantial presence in four continents, leadership positions in different business segments and the character and potential to touch yet greater heights, Tata Chemicals is poised to add new chapters to a saga 75 years in the making. The past will inform and influence that future.

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