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Raavanputr Meghnad

Raavanputr Meghnad

  • Author: Kevin Missal
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • ISBN: 9789386797735
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This is the story of the greatest warrior in the Ramayana.

Meghnad was the perfect son of the tyrannical king — Raavan. Ever since his childhood, he was taught one thing: to be ruthless.
Honed by the greatest gurus, Meghnad grew up to be the conqueror of Amravati, the capital of the Devas.

He battled Lord Indra.
He defeated Lord Ram.

But then … he fell in love.

Her name was Prameela and she was a Naga princess. And she knew something that no one did: the truth behind Lady Sita’s abduction. But this story is not about the Ramayana. This is about the greatest warrior of all time, who learned the truth behind the war he was fighting … And that changed everything.
The question is — what was that truth?

Bestselling author Kevin Missal brings to you an unforgettable saga about Raavan’s oldest son — the Prince of Lanka — Raavanputr Meghnad!!!

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