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Prisoners Of Revolution: A Political Novel

Prisoners Of Revolution: A Political Novel

  • Author: Amar Mudi
  • Publisher: Niyogi Books
  • ISBN:
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On 25 May 1967, in an obscure village of Bengal, nine men, women, and children died in police firing, while trying to take possession of the surplus land of a big landlord. It was a shock for a complacent nation that was oblivious to the plight of its peasants. That marked the beginning of the Naxalite movement. ‘Revolution comes through the barrel of the gun’ was what inspired them. But how was the dream of a revolution to change the social order so brutally extinguished? Prisoners of revolution: a political novel offers a hypothesis—how the movement unravelled through six momentous years in Babulpur, a microcosmic representation of thousands of other villages in Bengal. A fascinating fusion of fact and fiction, this book will appeal to the informed General reader as much as those interested in sociology, politics, ethnic movements, and Naxalite.

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