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Mahabharata: The Epic And The Nation

Mahabharata: The Epic And The Nation

  • Author: G. N. Devy
  • Publisher: Aleph
  • ISBN: 9789390652907
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In India, kingdoms and dynasties have come and gone, religious sects have formed and dissolved, schools of philosophy have come together and subsequently been replaced by others, yet the Mahabharata has never ceased to excite the Indian imagination. The sheer volume of commentaries on the Mahabharata is awe-inspiring. So, what is it in the Mahabharata that gives it its timeless magic? Is it the mythical characters with which it is replete that makes the epic so enchanting? Or is it the great wealth of philosophical and metaphysical ideas in it that dazzles its audiences? Or could it be a combination of all these that makes it ever-fascinating to scholars and readers around the world? And, most of all, what accounts for its incredible effect on the subconscious of millions of Indians through several generations? Translated into numerous languages, including Marathi, Kannada, Assamese, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali, and Malayalam, Mahabharata: The Epic and the Nation answers many of these questions surrounding the Mahabharata and why it remains, undisputedly, one of India’s national epics.

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