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Folktales Of Nicobar

Folktales Of Nicobar

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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been bestowed with immense beauty of nature. What is most significant is the presence of the tribes, the Andamanese and Nicobarese. Most of the tribal customs and rituals have become sullied owing to the onslaught of modernization; what remains largely are the tales of yesteryears.

The Nicobarese culture is thoroughly on oral tradition expressed in folk performances like folk songs and folktales. The author has made a commendable venture in collecting a number of these Nicobarese folktales keeping in view the tribal milieu and the motifs of folktales. Also included are a historical and background of the Nicobar Islands, their beliefs, customs and festivals.

The excellent illustrations by Swapnesh Chowdhury lend further charm to the stories.

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