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Dogri Folk Tales

Dogri Folk Tales

  • Author: Shivanath
  • Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
  • ISBN: 9788126012244
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The language of about five million Dogras, Dogri has a rich oral literature and folk tales from a substantial part of it. There are over seven hundred Dogri folk takes which have been collected and printed so far. This volume is the first attempt to bring out the English translation of some of these folk tales.

The tales in this volume provide a peep into the 'backyard' of Dogri culture. Here goods and goddesses assume human forms and join human beings to drive home some important truth or moral lesson. Anything is possible in this world of make-believe but the values enshrined in the tales are clear. Quite a few tales included here have a king, prince or princess as the main character; the reason being that Duggar was for long a land of rajas, and petty Zamindars and feudal chiefs. There are also some interesting women-centred tales portraying their superior intelligence out witting men. 

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