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Amar Jiban

Amar Jiban

  • Author: Rassundari Devi, Enakshi Chatterjee
  • Publisher: Writers Workshop
  • ISBN: 9789350451434 9788195819928
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The complete, unabridged translation of the Bengali text, with the original introductions by Jyotirindranath Tagore and Dinesh Chandra Sen. Sen remarks, “The account of this life can hardly be ignored as merely personal. It is a factual document of the life of an old Hindu woman… The book Amar Jiban is thus not merely the account of Rassundari but a story of all Hindu women of her time. We do not have a second book of this kind in our Bengali literature where the situation of women is so exactly and frankly drawn. Come to think of it – if this book had not been written, an entire chapter of Bengali literature would have remained incomplete.”

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