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50 Creepy And Blood-Curdling Tales

50 Creepy And Blood-Curdling Tales

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50 Creepy and Blood-Curdling Tales brings to you some of the greatest horror stories written in the past two hundred years. In this anthology, you will find tales that explore the full range of the horror genre. There are tales of supernatural entities, ghosts and monsters, as well as stories that focus on the darker side of human nature. Some of these stories are set in ancient times, while others take place in the early 20th-century heyday of the horror genre. But regardless of the setting, each story will leave you with a sense of unease and a desire to turn on the lights.
The authors featured in this anthology are masters of the horror genre, and some of the very best and rousing fear. From the all-time greats such as Edgar Allen Poe, Ambrose Bierce and Bram Stoker, to the slightly lesser known but just as effective American pulp writers, the stories in this collection cater to all the sub-genres of horror and the eerie.i

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