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How to Get Children Excited About Reading? (Part Two)


Greetings from the Champaca Children’s Library!  Have you noticed that our children’s collection at the store has been growing over the months? We now have many international and imported titles. However, we take the most pride in stocking and showcasing several homegrown and independent publishers. We believe that Indian picture books for children capture the experience of India through unique stories – about its people, animals and places in the most vibrant and inclusive of ways. We urge you to come by our store with your little ones and leaf through our collection.

How to get children excited about Reading (Part Two)

Have you ever complained that your child doesn't read more? We noticed that many parents have this question in their minds. How to get children excited about books? How to get children to fall in love with reading? In Part One of our previous newsletter, we suggested planning field trips around books, starting a tradition of reading together and reviewing books as some ideas. In Part Two we have put together more ideas on how to make reading fun.

Give Agency: We often choose books for our children hoping that they will read. But, have you noticed that children love making their own decisions?  Let kids choose widely and wildly. Everything from comic books, magazines, and cookbooks, to the same book over and over again is fair game. Once reading becomes a habit they will pick up other books outside their comfort zone.

Reading out: You may have noticed that children like mimicking adults. When we read out to children, they may in turn enjoy reading aloud to others. Reading out to a younger child or a stuffed animal can give them a sense of achievement. Who doesn't like a little celebration of their skills?

Make treats mentioned in books: Have you noticed how characters from Enid Blyton's books are always having picnics and eating the most scrumptious-sounding food? As children, many of us may have wanted to try a scone (like the Famous Five)  or drink butterbeer(like Harry, Ron and Hermoine). Wouldn't you agree that food always seemed more yummy in books? Making food mentioned in books with your children can be an interesting way to get them interested in reading.

Try a Book Club: Book clubs can be a fun way to involve children in reading. Book clubs can be both serious and fun. You can invite discussions on the characters and which literary character they would like to be. Perhaps even a session where e children can discuss alternate endings for a book they just read.

Build Suspense: If you are reading out to a reluctant reader, pause reading at an exciting part - this builds excitement and encourages the child to finish the book on their own. Everyone wants to know“And then what happened?”

A Slice from History… Street Libraries

A few book lovers in Australia took the idea of Little Free Libraries (see Part One) and started their own form of tiny, free community libraries called the Street Library. The volunteers in this movement hope to install 5000 street libraries soon. Their goal thermometer indicates that they have nearly reached 2880! Inspired by this, iLead, an educational institute set up small, free libraries in Kolkata. The idea was to inculcate a reading habit and help those who already love reading. iLead hopes that they in turn will inspire people to establish their own free street libraries.

                     Street libraries in Australia, Image Credit:

Street library in Kolkata, Image Credit:


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