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Dispatches From Champaca: January 2023

The first month of the year is always promising — it holds immense  possibility and hope. How has the month been for you? Have you read anything interesting? More importantly, do you have any reading resolutions for the year? Let us know in the comments of this blog post, we’d love to hear from you!


At Champaca, we kickstarted the year by launching our brand new Reading Challenge. Last year, through our Reading Challenge we read so many books from across the world, and got to connect with many of you wonderful readers who joined us in the challenge. This year too, we have prompts that nudge us towards reading different voices and stories from across time, place, and experience. We hope you’re excited to get cracking on this list with us.

“Working here would be my dream job,” is something we often overhear at Champaca. In our latest blog post titled A Store Full Of Stories, Shakti  reflects on her dream of wanting to work at a bookstore, and her experience of working at Champaca in the past year. She ponders on what bookstores offer us as a space, how they impact us, and also recommends some books that give us glimpses into the lives of booksellers. It is a heartwarming piece, we hope you enjoy reading it.

Before we say goodbye, we wanted to share this essay by Tishani Doshi with you. In it, she reflects on the notion of time — How does time play a role in storytelling and books? How do we pay more attention to the time we spend reading — the time spent inside a novel, a story? This essay nudged us to contemplate, pause, slow down, and savour our reading experiences. 

We leave you with this quote from the essay: “When we are in the time of a story, we forget the time around us, and this is perhaps why we go to a story in the first place”. 

Here’s hoping that you have many meaningful reading experiences in the upcoming months. 

Until next time, happy reading!

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