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  • Author: Mathias Enard, Charlotte Mandell
  • Publisher: Fitzcarraldo Editions
  • ISBN: 9780992974701
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Francis Mirkovic, a French intelligence services agent for fifteen years, is travelling first Class on the train from Milan to Rome. Handcuffed to the luggage rack above him is a briefcase containing a wealth of information about the war criminals, terrorists and arms dealers of the Zone - The Mediterranean region, from Barcelona to Beirut, from Algiers to Trieste, which has become his specialty - to sell to the Vatican. Exhausted by alcohol and amphetamines, he revisits the violent history of the Zone and his own participation in that violence, beginning as a mercenary fighting for a far-right Croatian militia in the 1990s. One of the truly original books of the decade, and written as a single, hypnotic, propulsive, physically irresistible sentence, mathias enard's Zone is an Iliad for our time, an extraordinary and panoramic view of violent conflict and its consequences in the twentieth century and beyond.

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