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  • Author: Mainak Dhar
  • Publisher: Duckbill
  • ISBN: 9789381626924
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Five unlikely people come together in the distressed New Delhi, the city that is shrouded in darkness faster than anticipated. It had all begun with undead Taliban and gradually spread through the world. There is a seventeen-year-old boy enduring the loss of his family, a middle-aged professor, a US Navy SEAL trying to get back home, a young girl and her three-year-old brother. They all come to know that the child might hold the key to putting an end to all the trouble and grief that could ruin their worlds. So they embark upon a journey to a rumoured safe place high in the Himalayas. But the journey will become a tough fight against more adversaries, including humans and undead. Will the five of them survive the journey? Will they become undead citizens of Zombiestan as well?

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fiction / horror / indian / Mainak Dhar / young adult /