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  • Author: Pankaj Singh, Athulya Pillai
  • Publisher: Pankaj Singh
  • ISBN:
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This is a story about a girl called Yangdol and her life in a remote Himalayan village in the mountain kingdom of Ladakh.

Yangdol dreams of seeing a Snow Leopard - one of the most elusive creatures on the planet. Although the 'Grey Ghost' is always around, she never shows herself to Yangdol.

The story winds through time as it meets Yangdol at various crossroads until she eventually rests her eyes on the snow leopard after seven long decades of finding the creature only in traces and tales she heard in childhood. 'Yangdol' is also a reflection of the kind of upbringing the children in rural Ladakh have. The young are taught to tread gently and be kind to creatures of all forms and shapes, to see all life as equal.

Written by Pankaj Singh and illustrated by Athulya Pillai, the book is of 76 pages and suitable to readers above the age of 7.

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