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World Leader Of Sanitation: Bindeshwar Pathak

World Leader Of Sanitation: Bindeshwar Pathak

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Dr Bindeshwar Pathak’s pioneering work has revolutionized the concept of sanitation in India. His commitment to his work and his ability as a leader is legendary, resulting in him being referred to as ‘The Sanitation Guru’. He has spent the last few decades in enhancing the quality of life of millions of people all over India and the world. The book focuses on the humanitarian work by Dr Pathak and his commitment to Action Sociology and Action Research. The book looks at the growth of sociology of sanitation in India, history of sanitation in India, culture bearing on sanitation practices, liberation of manual scavengers, the problem of open defecation, sanitation movement and social transformation, leaders of sanitation movement, action sociology, sanitation research and the future of sanitation in India. Dr Pathak is a visionary, who, apart from providing technological solutions to the problems of sanitation, has also worked tirelessly for the destitute, victims of violence and natural disasters and the widows of Vrindavan.

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