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Wilder: How Rewilding Is Transforming Conservation And Changing The World

Wilder: How Rewilding Is Transforming Conservation And Changing The World

  • Author: Millie Kerr
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury
  • ISBN: 9781472990389
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In a timely and exciting contribution to a wider conversation about our relationship with the wild, Millie Kerr takes readers on a global journey of discovery, from the return of lions to Gabon to the transformation-by-Jaguar of an Argentine national park.

Rewilding is a relatively new approach to wildlife conservation that, while in its infancy, has incredible potential. It offers a spectrum of conservation options; at one end is the "passive" approach, focusing on ecological restoration--simply leaving land to recover naturally. At the other end of the spectrum is what might be termed "active" rewilding, where keystone species are reintroduced to quicken the process of recovery. Rewilding is a multidimensional process, and we are still watching the early stages of its evolution.

Wilder makes a closer look at the practicalities, emphasizing proactive efforts by passionate conservationists, usually involving the reintroduction of lost species to areas where they've gone locally extinct; active rewilding often involves high stakes, from large mammal translocations to ambitious wildlife corridors through densely populated areas.

Hope permeates every page of this book. By focusing on conservation success stories and showing that there are bands of determined conservationists fighting for a better future, Wilder will educate readers while inspiring them to become part of the solution.

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