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Whimsical Brew

Whimsical Brew

  • Author: Shupri
  • Publisher: Resource Communications
  • ISBN: 9788193910115
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Whimsical Brew is a unique concoction of verses, written, designed and doodled by the author. It is a sideways take on familiar, relatable topics - such as food, selfies, hair, weight loss and gain, the internet, social media, FOMO, breaking news, yoga, politics, tattoos, brain scans, bacteria…including the way the English language is globally abused. Whimsical Brew offers observations of our world, with a focus on the hilarious, the absurd and the odd. Each poem is accompanied by a rough-and-ready doodle or joke, to draw a laugh or chuckle. Some poems are designed as typographical art/graphics too, adding to the visual surprise as you turn the pages. This is a well-produced, hardbound-only editon that works as a unique gift, as much as a keepsake.

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