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Where The Hills Hide Their Secrets

Where The Hills Hide Their Secrets

  • Author: Adhirath Sethi
  • Publisher: Tara India Research Press
  • ISBN: 9788183861595
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As India grapples with the social and political ramification of its newfound independence, the imaginary town of Nalanoor in Tamil Nadu peacefully continues life with its elitist hangover, until the horrific murder of a poor local woman sets the sleepy town ablaze. When his alcoholic non-Brahmin gardener, Sam, is implicated in the murder, Vishnu moves to defend him. Newlywed Mridula, plain looking and unlettered, struggles to cope with the high-society world she has been married into and quietly endures the horrors of uncovering her husbands infidelity. A depressed Mani wants to do nothing more than get some sleep before his next shift at the hospital, but his neighbours singing keeps him awake and Manis attempt to retaliate backfires. In the quiet hill-station where scandals are traditionally allowed to slip under the surface, investigations around the victims dealings threaten to unravel years of secrets and bring down the social fabric, sure to leave a profound mark on each one of them.....

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