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What's To Be Done With Sathe?

What's To Be Done With Sathe?

  • Author: Rajeev Naik, Shanta Gokhale
  • Publisher: Dhauli Books
  • ISBN: 9789389382426
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The three plays in this collection are immensely performable and engrossingly readable. The Joint tries to show two aspects of the young generation – the brooding introvert and the carefree extrovert using a theatrical device of presenting the dramatic genres of tragedy and comedy. The Last Book is vast in its scope and layered in its structure. It is about the epic Mahabharat and presents confrontations between its creator, characters and readers. The play is ambitiously theatrical. What’s to be Done with Sathe? is a theatrical dialogue between wife and husband trying together to cope with the pressures of city life, being together and acute competition. This play has been performed in several Indian languages. All these plays are experimental and interpretative - they are a challenge to performers and a delight to readers. The nuances and flourishes of Rajeev Naik’s Marathi language have been beautifully brought into the English by Shanta Gokhale.

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