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Tutankhamun's Trumpet
Tutankhamun's Trumpet

Tutankhamun's Trumpet

  • Author: Toby Wilkinson
  • Publisher: Picador
  • ISBN: 9781529045888 9781529045987
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On 26 November 1922 Howard Carter first peered into the newly opened tomb of an ancient Egyptian boy-king. When asked if he could see anything, he replied: ‘Yes, yes, wonderful things.’ In Tutankhamun’s Trumpet, acclaimed Egyptologist Toby Wilkinson takes a unique approach to a well-worn subject. Instead of concentrating on the oft-told story of the discovery, or speculating on the (brief) life and (fractious) times of the boy-king, Wilkinson takes the objects buried with the king as the source material for a wide-ranging, detailed portrait of ancient Egypt – its geography, history, culture and legacy. One hundred artefacts from the tomb, arranged in ten thematic groups, are allowed to speak again – not only for themselves, but as witnesses of the civilization that created them. Never before have the treasures of Tutankhamun been analyzed and presented for what they can tell us about ancient Egyptian culture, its extraordinary development, its remarkable flourishing, and its lasting impact. Like Tutankhamun himself, the music which surrounded him has vanished. All that remains are echoes of the past, survivors of an age long gone, the stuff of interpretation and reinterpretation. But through the objects buried with him, his world, and the civilization of ancient Egypt of which he remains the ultimate symbol, can be brought back to life. Filled with surprising insights, unusual details, vivid descriptions and, above all, remarkable objects, Tutankhamun’s Trumpet will appeal to all lovers of history, archaeology, art and culture, as well as all those fascinated by the Egypt of the pharaohs.

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