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The Wildings

The Wildings

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The Wildlings is a book that takes the readers into the strange and intriguing world of cats that are stray and living in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi.

In the twisted and meandering alleys of the old neighbourhoods of Delhi, a complex and vibrant set of cats are introduced to the reader. There’s Miao, a grave and wise Siamese cat who is the clan elder, Katar, a cat who is feared by his enemies and worshipped and loved by his followers, Hulo, a tom cat who is a warrior, Beraal, who is deadly, swift, and beautiful, and the queen, and Southpaw, the proverbial curious cat, except in this case he is a kitten whose unquenchable curiosity always gets him into trouble.

The cats in this tribe are wild and do whatever the please and go wherever they want. They communicate with each other through telepathy and refer to humans as Big Feet.

But one day their world is thrown into upheaval when a Sender, an orange kitten with green eyes who has amazing powers and is terrified out of its mind lands in their neighbourhood. What will happen to the wildlings’ world now?

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