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The Untold Story Of Christian Michel And Agustawestland

The Untold Story Of Christian Michel And Agustawestland

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The agustawestland scandal has a distinct Bofors flavour to it. Stories, in the case of both, first broke in the foreign media. The countries that produced the Bofors gun and the agustawestland choppers have long forgotten the scandal. In India, though, amidst the heat and dust generated by leaks, insinuations and wild interpretations, the truth still eludes us. The untold story looks at how the scandal first unfolded in Italy and later became a raging storm in India. Caught in the web of complex events orchestrated by powerful corporate kingpins with vested interests are the three main players Guido haschke, Giuseppe or SI and Christian Michel. The book also provides insights into the role of coteries in Indias power politics. Confidential UK cabinet documents from the archives give a totally new insight into the deal first struck in 1987. The untold story is a ringside view on the scandal and its ramifications..

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