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The Unlikely Indians

The Unlikely Indians

  • Author: Nzan Kikon
  • Publisher: Penthrill
  • ISBN: 9788194018247
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A group of six guys bonded by a fellowship of camaraderie and with a penchant for mocking each other endlessly who travel across the expanse of India for an adventure that befits a chronicle of its own. A journey that began from the warm Southern state of Karnataka in the city of Bangalore traversing through the western part of India meandering to the nation’s capital, Delhi, then to the cold Northern part of India in the state of Uttarakhand and then to the final destination of the voyage the Eastern part of India, the exquisite state of Nagaland, where India ends. The voyage tales the assorted characters through the city and the backyard of a remote village, through lands where devouring and blood sucking creatures abounds, over snow and in the heat, a holy river, a cathedral, streets filled with hungry people…

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