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The Subhedar's Son

The Subhedar's Son

  • Author: Deepra Dandekar
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • ISBN: 9780190060220
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Dinkar Shankar sawarkar, inscribed multiple viewpoints into his narrative, including that of his own father, rev. Shankar Nana (1819-1884), a Brahmin who was one of the early converts of the church missionary society in Western India and served the CMS and the Anglican church in various capacities for many years. Apart from Shankar nana's conversion-story, sawarkar provides readers with a blueprint of what a Brahminical journey towards Christian conversion encompassed, while describing his personal background of having lived a Christian life as a product of both brahminism and Christianity. Attempting to construct Brahmanism through Christianity he claimed Brahmin roots as a Christian with an aim of Combatting the stigma of conversion. Contextualized within the early history of Maharashtra's missions and the specificities of individual conversions, the novel allows modern researchers to appreciate the particularity of regional and Vernacular Indian Christianity. This culturally-specific Christianity spurred the production of Christian Vernacular print culture, associating 'being Marathi' With broader and more universal frameworks of Christianity.

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