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The Storyteller's Tale

The Storyteller's Tale

  • Author: Omair Ahmad
  • Publisher: Speaking Tiger
  • ISBN: 9788193071021
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Delhi has been plundered once again, this time by the forces of Ahmad Shah Abdali. Forced to evacuate as his house is destroyed, the Storyteller begins his journey away from the city when he encounters a haveli and is invited by its enigmatic Begum to narrate tales. In a mutual exchange of stories, the plot encapsulates various manifestations of love, friendship, loyalty, trust, hatred and jealousy. Tales of unconditional love between two brothers Taka (human) and Wara (wolf) to loyalty between two friends (Aresh and Barab), a bond that transcends death. The Storyteller and the Begum are questioning each other’s stance on love and embracing a deepening but unspoken desire for each other. Set in the 1700s, each story gives a new dimension to love, its manifestation complete as human bonds go through waves of loyalty, trust, hatred, desire, betrayal and jealousy.

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