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The Snake and The Lotus

The Snake and The Lotus

  • Author: Appupen
  • Publisher: Context
  • ISBN: 9789386850522
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Life as we knew it in Halahala is at an end. A new age is dawning.

In the Grey of the wastelands, giant towers house machines that keep a diminished, diminutive human race alive on lotus milk. If humans and machines continue unchecked in their ways, nature – existence itself – will be under siege.

As the Silent Green calls out to all of life, one being hears and is compelled to act. He seeks out allies, among them a human girl who has not forgotten the old connections. Will they be able to revive Halahala, recapture the idea of life as one interconnected whole?

Appupen’s masterful art and vivid myth-building combine in this blistering indie take on the superhero comic.

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