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The Sheena Bora Case

The Sheena Bora Case

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The murder of twenty-five year old Sheena Bora is a spine-chilling reminder of our times and how greed and ambition clearly dictate our relationships. Apart from the brutality and meticulous planning of the murder in April 2012, Indrani Mukerjea, the main accused, also managed to keep it under wraps for three long years, making everyone believe that Sheena had shifted to the US and did not want to be in touch with anyone. It was a tip-off from an anonymous source that the case came into light in August 2015 and continued to make headlines with the arrest of Indrani, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver, to finally the arrest of her second husband Peter Mukerjea.

This is just the beginning of the trial. A long battle awaits the high-profile Mukerjeas as they will walk down the maze of the legal system, the days of hearings and the nights of suspense, the media shutterbugs and the ignominy of jail – hoping for a release, praying for an absolution – that may or may not await them at the end.

Along with a detailed chronology of days in 2012 when Sheena first disappeared and the subsequent web of lies created by Indrani to make people close to her believe in her story, to the exhuming of Sheena’s remains from Raigad district in 2015, to the subsequent arrest and interrogation by the CBI, the book looks at the main characters, circumstances and also the trail of money in Sheena’s account in Singapore that may have a link to the brutal murder.

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