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The Secret Life Of Clutter: Getting Clear, Letting Go And Moving On

The Secret Life Of Clutter: Getting Clear, Letting Go And Moving On

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The Secret Life of Clutter is Helen Sanderson's exploration of how our spaces reflect our psyche. Told through a series of compelling case histories, she shows us the significant changes that happen when people start to let go of their things. Why is it that we feel unable to let go of certain objects? What are the complex interconnections at play in our domestic environments? She believes that de cluttering is not a black and white pursuit, instead she seeks to help people establish a practical and psychological balance in their homes.

Helen's expertise is intricately woven into the stories of people she has helped; from the young doctor whose controlled exterior hides an out-of-control living space, to the widower who has misplaced an important key. Her accounts are tender and empathetic, luminously written in elegant prose.
The Secret Life of Clutter is not a self-help book about how to organise your home, rather a book of revealing and profound insights uncovered through relatable human stories.

Readers may never look at the places they live and the possessions in them in quite the same way. They will be inspired to consider what stories their homes may be telling them and to listen, to learn and to integrate these insights in order to support their own process of personal change.

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