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The Ranee Of Jhansi

The Ranee Of Jhansi

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The Rani of Jhansi vibrantly portrays one of the bravest women in Indian history. Along with the throne, Lakshmibai inherits steep challenges—she becomes a widow to a deceased king and mother to an adopted heir. Her brother-in-law aggressively contends her right to the throne, and the ominous presence of the British spells uncertainty for Jhansi’s future. Meanwhile, war clouds gather as several states prepare to fight against foreign domination. A rebellion seems inevitable. Using a number of characters, some known, others invented, Prince Michael paints a compelling portrait of Maratha aristocracy and their courts in the nineteenth century, of the first nationwide struggle against the British and of Lakshmi—woman, ruler and a symbol of steely courage against all odds.

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