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The Popular Arts

The Popular Arts

  • Author: Stuart Hall
  • Publisher: Orient Blackswan
  • ISBN: 9789352873913
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The popular arts opened up an almost unprecedented field of analysis and inquiry into contemporary popular culture. In contrast to prevailing views of the time, hall and channel recognized popular culture's social importance and considered it worthy of serious study. In their analysis of everything, from Hollywood Westerns and the novels of Mickey spillane, Ian Fleming, and Raymond Chandler, to jazz, advertising, and the television industry, they were guided by the belief that studying popular culture demanded an ethical evaluation of a work and full attention to its properties.In doing so, they raised questions about the relation of culture to society and the politics of taste and judgement in ways that continue to shape cultural studies. This landmark text highlights the development of hall's theoretical and methodological approach, while adding to a greater understanding of his work.This book will be of interest to scholars in cultural studies and media Studies.

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