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The Other Wind
The Other Wind

The Other Wind

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Every night the sorcerer Alder dreams of his wife, who died young and wants so much to return to him that she kissed him across the low stone wall that separates our world from the land of the dead. The dead pull Alder to them, seeking to free themselves through him and invade Earthsea.

In desperation, Alder turns to Sparrowhawk, the former Archmage, and is told to seek out Tenar, Tehanu and the young King Lebannen. With these three and the amber-eyed Irian, a dragon able to take the shape of a woman, Alder journeys to the Immanent Grove on Roke. For the incursion of the dead is not the only danger threatening Earthsea: the dragons are back. And after centuries of peace, the come to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs.

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