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The Narrow Corridor - Moments In A Woman's Life

The Narrow Corridor - Moments In A Woman's Life

  • Author: Muriel Wasi
  • Publisher: IPD
  • ISBN: 9788185002583
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The Narrow Corridor brings together autobiographical writings and essays on crucial educational theories and practices by the late Muriel Wasi. The autobiographical writings reveal a sensitive, probing and independent mind. While 'Fugue'is a confession of the mystery of the sea of which Muriel first became fully conscious in Goa as a child, 'The Dining Room' is a poignant evocation of her parents' desire to make of their home 'a country of our own', a sovereignty with no boundaries. 'Through the Wilderness' and 'The Golden Years' are a vivid portrait of Muriel's stepping out of this 'country of her own'. In 'On My Own' and 'A Spanish Proverb', one finds Muriel immersed as a writer in the war effort against Hitler, without ceasing to want India to be free. In 'The Way Back', she enunciates a supreme principle of education, that you cannot teach what you do not know. She recalls her years as a teacher at Jesus and Mary College, and at St. Stephen's. In The Narrow Corridor, Muriel lays down her own philosophical faith. In the four educational essays, she emphasises that a true teacher is his students' equal in the common pursuit of knowledge ('The Uncommon Task'). Public schools must broaden their horizons and welcome children from all sections of society ('What To Do with Public Schools'). In 'Teaching and Learning the Humanities in Indian College', she maintains that the supreme virtue in a teacher is ''to penetrate to the heart of what the wise dead taught and what the living grope to say''. In the last essay 'Education and Traditional Values', Muriel Wasi affirms that the tradition of reverence in our country must be replaced by the critical habit in the process of education.

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