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The Mouse Merchant: Money In Ancient India

The Mouse Merchant: Money In Ancient India

  • Author: Arshia Sattar
  • Publisher: Portfolio (now In Paperback)
  • ISBN: 9780143424727
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Even in ancient India, money is always a good thing and everyone wants it. The stories in The Mouse Merchant-selected from the Sanskrit universe, from the period of the late Rig Veda to the twelfth century-tell us how money was dealt with in everyday life in ancient and medieval Indian society. At the heart of these tales is the merchant. Sometimes gullible, sometimes greedy; ingenious at some moments, dim-witted at others; and hopelessly in love with courtesans but also loyal to their wives, our merchant heroes show how innovation in business is sometimes more important than capital. The Mouse Merchant puts these stories into the context of Indian business history, giving not only rare insights into the romance of the ancient seafaring life but also great wisdom about money.

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