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The Magnificent Diwan: The Life And Times Of Sir Salar Jung I

The Magnificent Diwan: The Life And Times Of Sir Salar Jung I

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The Magnificent Diwan: The Life and Times of Sir Salar Jung I is the definitive biography of arguably India's most influential and powerful statesman of the nineteenth century. Drawing on extensive archival material, this is a compelling account of the life and times of a remarkable Indian who as Diwan or prime minister decisively shaped Hyderabad's political and economic history for nearly three decades in the second half of the nineteenth century. It was Salar Jung who, by his reforms of the medieval oligarchy that was Hyderabad, ushered the state into the modern era. This book is not merely a chronicle of his life but also a history of Hyderabad - both social and governmental - and gives the reader an encompassing view of the man who has been called the founder of modern Hyderabad. Meticulously researched and engagingly written, this biography introduces Sir Salar Jung I to a new generation, even as it rekindles the memory of a man who has become the victim of collective amnesia.

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